Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band Concert

The Music Department here at Birmingham-Southern had its' early beginnings in the City as the Birmingham Conservatory of Music. It has since maintained its' standard of excellence in its' teachings and performances by students and teachers alike.

One of these such performances will be held Thursday evening. The Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band are performing at 7:30 pm in Hill Recital Hall. So take some time out of your busy schedule and go enjoy the show. We hope to see you there!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Women of the World--Dream Big and Take Charge!

Join your fellows this Thursday, April 29, in a Common Hour event with a different focus: women and entrepreneurship. ‘Women in the Workplace’ is always a hot topic, and in this event, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is hosting a panel to discuss issues and inspire students. “Dreaming Big and Taking Charge: Female Entrepreneurship Panel” will be held from 11am-12pm in Norton theatre; the three panelists are all female entrepreneurs from Birmingham, prepared to share their experiences, businesses and challenges with the BSC community. Audience participation and questions are encouraged.

The panelists include Dr. Karen Starks, Ph.D., founder and executive director of the Community Entrepreneurship Institute, Inc. (CEI, Inc.), Meagan Peace, co-founder and owner of Hayah Cosmetics, and Elizabeth Clark, owner of Integrity Insurance Group.

Dr. Starks started CEI Inc. in 2005, with the mission to “advance social and economic well-being in urban communities through entrepreneurship.” Dr. Starks is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama School of Social Work, specializing in social policy and community development.

Meagan Peace started Hayah Cosmetics as a natural mineral makeup line for richer complexions; Hayah gives wide selection of high quality cosmetics to women of all ethnicities, tones, and skin types. Hayah’s mission is “an empowerment movement that seeks to inspire beauty from the inside out.”

Integrity Insurance Group is an independent agent for Fortune 500 companies, made to provide nearly all kinds of insurance for an array of individuals, businesses and their employees.

All BSC students are encouraged to seize this cultural credit opportunity and learn more about three women of Birmingham, and the greater effort of female entrepreneurship, all saying: dream big and take charge!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hair is bringing the '60s back!

Hair, the revolutionary musical that debuted in 1967, is coming to BSC! When it debuted in 1967, it was considered extremely controversial, not only for the way it tore apart every convention of the day, but also for the way the cast interacted with the audience. It challenged every practice and notion while simultaneously daring people to act for what the believe. Written by Galt MacDermont, Gerome Ragni, and James Rado, Hair changed the way musicals were portrayed and performed. It was blunt, explicit, and left audiences reeling with its inspiring message. While not entirely relevant in this day and age, it still leaves a message of love and peace that audiences everywhere can relate to. Performances start April 22 and run through April 25. Tickets are $10 for general public, $5 for students of any age and school, but please be advised that Hair contains explicit dialogue and situations, and is recommended for mature audiences only. For an interview with director Michael Flowers, visit

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Latin American Studies: So Much More than "¡Hola!"

The great exchange has begun again; starting Friday, April 16th and closing Saturday, April 17th, the Latin American Studies Symposium, hosted by Birmingham-Southern, explores new research and old ideas regarding Latin America. Thoughts will fly as this interdisciplinary undergraduate research conference commences with participants from throughout the Southeast and beyond. Students can gather and collaborate with people from a diverse group of universities and locales, presenting research and studies they’ve worked on for a long time. The theme this year is eco-tourism, and the reception will be held in BSC’s Southern Environmental Center on April 16. To see a detailed schedule of the symposium, please click here.

The Keynote Speaker is even a Birmingham-Southern graduate, Hugh Yarbrough, who will present on April 16 at 1:00pm in Norton Theatre. He graduated BSC in 1990 with a BA in International Business and Spanish, and now he works in the Yachana Foundation in Ecuador as Director of Development. He is a Spanish translator, and works at the Yachana Lodge, a geo-tourism site located in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. His talk is titled: Yachana Foundation: Solutions and Sustainability through Education (or One Gringo’s Take on Creating a World that Works for Everyone). Prepare to be entertained and educated as this alumnus presents.

As scholars on every level begin to share ideas about current issues in this area, expect to come away with renewed fervor for Latin America. Birmingham-Southern is excited to host this great exchange, and hopes to bring fresh light into an important area. For more information about registration and the Latin American Studies Symposium program in general, please visit our BSC link.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bishop's Lecture in Faith and Ethics: Dr. Stanley Hauerwas

On April 13th, this year's guest speaker for the Bishop's Lecture in Faith and Ethics, Dr. Stanley Hauerwas will be presenting in the Norton Theatre during Common Hour, a qualifying event for Intellectual/Cultural Credit. An expert on applications of ethics and theology in everyday life, Dr. Hauerwas' work often waxes interdisciplinary.

Dr. Hauerwas has previously been honored with the title "America's Best Theologian" ascribed by Time magazine as well as being invited to give the prestigious Gifford Lectures at the University of St. Andrew's in Scotland.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Concert Choir's Homecoming Performance

Early last month, the BSC Concert Choir traveled the Southeast performing their program "Musica Sacra et Profana", and now they're finally home. The choir will perform for the last time this semester at the First Methodist Church in downtown Birmingham on Sunday, April 11th. The program features music for brass, percussion, and choir, and will include works by Giovanni Gabrieli, Dan Locklair, and Bob Chilcott. Admission is free, and the performance will start at 4 PM, and don't forget that this is a cultural credit! Go out and support this outstanding musical group!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Podcast of Dr. Sara Robicheaux's Provost's Forum

The Library is pleased to present Sara Robicheaux’s Provost’s Forum entitled “Sabbatical: Reflections, Research, Rejuvenation.” The presentation, recorded on March 11, 2010, has an excellent explanation of the causes of the recent financial crisis, as well as a really neat summary of Dr. Robicheaux’s activities during her recent sabbatical.

The first link is to the video version, and the second is the audio only version. They may take a few moments to load. We hope you enjoy the podcasts as much as we enjoyed producing them.

Steve Laughlin

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Provost's Forum - Scot Duncan, "4533+ Species: Why Alabama is a Global Hotspot for Biodiversity"

Come join us this Thursday during Common Hour in Norton Theatre to learn more about the plant species in Alabama and why Alabama has such a wide variety. We are not only home to five physiographic regions (regions of geological variation), but few know that we also have the most species of carnivorous plants!

The lecture will be given by our own Scot Duncan. Dr. Duncan is an Associate Professor of Biology here at BSC. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Florida and in graduate school, he studied the ecology of tropical forest restoration in Uganda, Africa. His current research focuses on Montane Longleaf Pine forests and the stream ecology of the Cahaba River and Black Warrior River Watersheds.

This is sure to be a very interesting event and we hope to see you there!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Funny Money: Dr. Yoram Bauman and Comedic Commerce


Who’s there?

Economics….Wait, what?!

Let’s face it. Most people, when they hear “Dr. So-and-So: Economist,” instantly start dozing. Dr. Yoram Bauman, however, promises to break this trend. He touts himself as “The World’s First and Only Stand-Up Economist,” and the New York Times backs him up in this claim. They summarize his life as “An economist who teaches at the University of Washington and performs stand-up comedy.” An odd combination to be sure, but Dr. Bauman comes to Birmingham-Southern this Tuesday, April 6, to prove to the world that money can be funny. Come see him perform in Munger auditorium at 7:30pm as he graces BSC with his humor on his tour across America, bringing comedy to economics from California to New York. His blog topics include things from ‘In the news’ to ‘Harry Potter economics,’ and Dr. Bauman is most recently promoting his book “The Cartoon Introduction to Economics, Volume 1: Microeconomics.” With a life-goal of reducing our carbon footprint, I’m sure Dr. Bauman will excel at educating and entertaining the crowd this Tuesday. Come out and prepare for laughter as your brain twists to combine finance and funny.

Intrigued? Find more at: All information in this blog taken from this site.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

EASTER Closing Dates

The Library will be closed Friday through Sunday, April 2-4. Have a great weekend.