Monday, May 4, 2015

Final exam hours

Finals are almost upon us, and with them are extended hours for the library:

Thursday, May 7: 8am-open all night (Circulation Desk closes at 2am)
Friday, May 8: 8am-10pm
Saturday, May 9: 9am-12am
Sunday, May 10: 2pm-open all night (Circulation Desk closes at 2am)
Monday, May 11: open 24 hours (Circulation Desk closes at 2am)
Tuesday, May 12: open 24 hours (Circulation Desk closes at 2am)
Wednesday, May 13: open 24 hours (Circulation Desk closes at 2am)
Thursday, May 14: 8am-10pm
Friday, May 15: 8am-5pm

Saturday & Sunday, May 16 & 17: CLOSED
Monday-Friday, May 18-22: 8am-5pm
Saturday-Monday, May 23-25: CLOSED (Memorial Day weekend)
Tuesday-Friday, May 26-29: 8am-5pm

The library will be open only to BSC students, faculty, and staff during exams (beginning Thursday, May 7). Community patrons will be welcome again on Friday, May 15.

Gigantic thank you to SGA and our Campus Police for making these extended hours possible!

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