Sunday, February 28, 2016

Need to learn a new language?

Mango Languages: Watch Your Language
Ever wanted to learn Irish for St. Patrick's Day? Going to Haiti for service credits and want to impress your friends and respect the locals with your knowledge of Haitian Creole? Would you like to supplement your Modern Foreign Languages coursework with some specialized skills for law or medicine?

Look no further than the Library's subscription to the Mángo Languages. Mángo offers a fun interactive way to learn languages from anywhere you have access to your library account. It uses real conversations and films you might see in a theater to teach and help you retain a new language. Rest assured, these aren't (mostly) useless sentences, like "Le singe est sur la branche;" we're talking more "Quelle houre son vol arrive?"

The pronunciation is localized -- learn how to pronounce "Donde es el baño?" like a Honduran, rather than a Spaniard. Plus, the list of languages doesn't stop at the essential: Spanish, Mandarin, French, or German. Learn Tagalog, Scottish Gaelic, Biblical Hebrew, or Shakespeare English.

You don't have to be anchored to a desk or laptop, either: take it with you on your mobile device! Try Mángo Languages today! (Create a Mángo account if you want to keep track of what you've learned.)

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