Thursday, May 19, 2016

Congratulations, BSC Library Award Winners!

Each year, the BSC Library sponsors two awards: the Library Research Award and the Library Art Purchase Award.  This year, the winners are Sophie Cheng and Timothy McOmber.

The Library Research Award is a cash prize recognizing the paper written by any current first- or second-year student that best demonstrates an advanced understanding and appropriate use of the Library's services and collections.  The paper must be submitted to the Southern Academic Review, BSC's journal of student scholarship, and must be approved by its editors for publication.  Sophie Cheng is the winner of the 2016 award for her excellent paper titled "Creating Play Spaces: Exploring the Use of Space and Place in Play Spaces." Congratulations, Sophie!

The Library Art Purchase Award goes to a student whose work is selected from the annual BSC Juried Student Art Exhibition, for acquisition and display in the Library building.  Proceeds from the Library's used book sale fund this award.  Timothy McOmber is the winner of the 2016 award for his inspired piece, "Origin."  Congratulations, Timothy!

Kudos to all the BSC students who've worked so hard on publications, presentations, performances, and creations this past year.  Your work makes BSC, and the world, a better place!

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